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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

MJM - London Fuzz Gutshots

Just a few images from a brief encounter with an MJM London Fuzz, Cap values 0.047uF and 0.47uF, for input and output. 10uF Bypass cap, the transistors I couldn't see without ripping them out of the epoxy, I left those be - just go for some standard gain match PNP Germs. Pots - Fuzz was 1K and Level was 500KA. The resistor values you can see in the images, just follow a fuzz face scheme and sub in those values - you've got yourself a London Fuzz (Which was far to bass heavy for me!).


  1. Hello,

    1st question: Do the photos come from a clone of a London Fuzz or the London fuzz from MJM ?

    2nd question: which version is it ? London I or II ?

    Thank you

  2. HI:

    Amazing job!
    can you send me the schematic of LONDON FUZZ please...

    My mail is:

    I very much appreciate that..


  3. Hello,
    Roots job!
    One thing : you talk about 0.047uF (input) and 0.47uF(output). Are you sure?
    Could you send me the complet schematic of MJM London Fuzz, please...
    (mail : genty_nic@hotmail.com)

    thanks a lot,

  4. here, people, I did the legwork: http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m112/monkeyxx/MJMlondonfuzzfuzzfaceSCHEMATIC.gif SCHEMATIC and http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m112/monkeyxx/MJMLONDONFUZZGUTSpartvaluesidentifiedfuzzface.jpg THE PICTURE ABOVE but with VALUES IDENTIFIED

  5. sorry the in and output caps should be reversed on that schematic I posted. I think the proprietor of this blog was not quite specific enough about this in his sentence, but, if you look at the parts layout, it would make a lot of sense that the 8.2K and 470R resistors would be converging on the OUTPUT capacitor which appears to be the yellow one, which appears to have a hint of text reading .047. a blue electro is probably .47, and probably on the input side of the circuit

  6. Can someone please provide hfe and leakage measurements for the transistors in the London fuzz?

  7. Hi. Can someone specify the complete values of the components, please? For instance, what's the voltage of the 0.47 uF capacitors?


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