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Monday, 25 February 2008

Clay Jones OD Clone?

Above is a gutshot of a new OD that is currently being offered as a clone of the Clay Jones OD. What do you recon? Tubescreamer or not? Why all the goop? Hopefully when "Kris" has made his $$$ he can put the whole thing to bed and explain if he did reverse engineer a CJOD and produce and accurate schematic!

Here is a youtube video comparing the two: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hQcsK8QU4b4

For now - I still havnt seen any evidence to suggest anything but a Tubescreamer!


  1. I built a CJOD clone according to this schematic and sold it to a guy who owns an original CJOD. He said it isn't even close to an original. He didn't say it wasn't a good pedal, but he said it wasn't the same has his CJOD.

  2. Please see the CJOD= Landgraff DOD page for furthur detail on the history of the tracing of the CJOD and why the circuit matches both the BMOD and LDOD.

    Unfortunately I never posted up pictures of all the CJOD boards that we had images of, all of which matched the BMOD and previous CJOD layouts.

    I'm bored of this "It's not a TS", it is...

    End of.


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