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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Nick Greer - Green Giant

Thanks again to the Freestompboxes community (samhambone for the original scheme and purplepeopleeater for the cleaned up version) we have a schematic for the Nick Greer Green Giant overdrive pedal. As you can see it's a simple "Electra Overdrive" with a pot added between the diodes and the signal to raise the clipping threshold. It's an interesting control which I have been using in a range of designs at the moment too. Check it out :-) Thanks again Freestompboxes.

Here is a description taken from the Greer Website:

"One of Nick Greer's personal favorites. Formerly built by Greer Amplification for endorsers only. A basic distortion unit with a limiter between the output of the signal and the clipping section of the diodes. The knob is labeled clean mix and allows the user to limit the amount of signal being distorted, resulting in a sound much that of the clean signal being mixed in on top of the distorted signal. Great for country, rock, and blues players who want good sounding distortion with the ability to dial the amount of hair."

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