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Monday, 9 January 2012

Lovepedal - Superlead

Culturejam over at freestompboxes.org has ripped open the Lovepedal Superlead, guess what he found; a Marshall Guv'nor minus the tone controls :-( Boo. Still sounds pretty good though. Here's the schematic he came up with;

(D1 & D2 are 1n4001 type)

Here's some of the description from the Lovepedal site (apparently these pedals are only stocked in Guitar Centre!);

"The all-new Lovepedal Superlead is an incredible pedal produced just for Guitar Center. No one else has it. The Superlead packs thick, cranked British stack tone into a user-friendly, 3-knob pedal. Turn the gain down for a tough, percussive chunk, or crank it for singing, liquid lead tones with sustain for days. A two-position Mid switch offers your choice of boosted mids for a thicker sound or a more open voicing that lets the tone breathe. Whatever setting you choose, the Superlead delivers impeccable tone that responds to every nuance of your picking. Guitarists rejoice, your quest for the ultimate drive ends here. Check out the all new Lovepedal Superlead today, only at Guitar Center."

Here's a decent demo video as well;

And a vero layout by IvIark (even though he's marked d1 & 2 1n4148, they are 1n4001 as far as I'm aware, the difference in tone will be insignificant though);

Get the gossip in the freestompboxes thread here: http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=12699


  1. I built one of these a couple of years ago and it's yet to leave my board. I just now swapped out the log pots for linear and it's much easier to dial in. I would highly suggest going with linear pots for both the volume and gain to avoid having the sweet spot and the majority of the gain/volume scrunched up around last 1/4 rotation of the pots. I seriously don't understand why this pedal doesn't get more praise. It may not be the most versatile or convincing Marshall in a box, but it is a great distortion. I think it's more JCM800 territory than Superlead personally. It has a great compressed dynamic about it that really just nails those 80's metal and rock tones. It plays well with other pedals too, which is a must for me.

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  2. Can someone tell where I can order a 100k pot for the drive control. The pedal took a hit on top of the drive control and it has not been working right since then. Any help would be great. Is it considered to be a mini 100k pot? Thanks


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