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Friday, 9 January 2009

Fred Briggs Overdrive

Here it is, a mix of Zvex Super Hard On, Lovepedal COT50 and my very own Fred Briggs magic.

My favourite circuit to date :-) Build it, it doesn't disappoint!


  1. I will build this the next week-end. If it sounds good, remember I will offer You a very good italian dinner (if You will go in Italy, I stay near Venice).

  2. Breadboarded this today without the nature control. It's nice and fat... the low gain cleans are smooth and rich.

    However! I used MOSFET clippers instead of germanium diodes (didn't have any extras lying around at the moment) and I must say that it made the transition from clean to dirty pretty noticeable. Is the clipping much smoother with germanium, or is it still edgy?

  3. The beauty of this design is that changing the diode type can radically alter the response of the pedal. I actually toyed with having mine using mosfet body diode clippers (like the OCD). It has a more modern crunchy tone to it with them. I went back to BAT46 diodes as I liked the extra compression that they provided, a little extra fizz. If you add in a bit rotary switch you could switch between all sorts of different diode type and each one would sound different, but still great! Experiment and have fun with it!

  4. Hi Briggs, il me semble que tu es français aussi, je suis passionné d'électroniques pour grattes et je monte aussi mon blog. Que penses-tu de ce post?





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