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Monday, 9 January 2012

Wampler - Plexi-Drive

Brian of Wampler effects builds some great sounding dirt boxes. This one, as you can probably guess via the name, is supposed to emulate that much loved Marshall Plexi tone. It sounds pretty nice too:

The guys over at freestompboxes.org had a little look at what goes inside one, find the schematic here (and some useful input from Brian himself!);

Vero by Harald Sabro (www.sabrotone.com) -

More build info in the thread: http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11641


  1. Anything on the BK Butler Tube Driver and or Coyote amp

  2. Hi,
    Built this in a a dual build:
    I had to replace the drain resistors with trimpots, so I could bias the fets properly.
    I later found another layout with an input cap and a dropdown resistor to prevent popping, but I seem to be ok with popping so far with that original version... I have only tested it on a smaller amp, though, to check it was working OK. Hope I won't get a pop when I use it at higher volumes with my band.
    Also, I used 2 on/off/on DPDTs, and mounted 2 bass caps offboard instead of one onboard. I mounted a 2n2 and a 1n5 on the lime side, that I use with softer gain settings, and a 1n5 and a 1n on the lemon side, that I use with higher gain settings. This allows me to switch from no bass to mellow bass or more present bass on both channels, with more bass available on the softer gain side. :)
    Thanks for the layout!

  3. Hi..do you have the diagram for the Wampler plexi drive deluxe?


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