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You may also find a few effects builds that I am looking to move on - usually in exchange for other effects/gear/cash. You can always check my ebay account to see what I've got up for grabs.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Menatone - King of the Britons

Menatone, well known for their "Amp in a Can" stuff. Well I've had a few requests for a few of the Menatone boxes and thanks to the freestompboxes.org forum here is the "King of the Britons". Marshall-esqe uber distortion, give it a try - I did and quite enjoyed it. I built up the RunOffGroove.com "Thor" though and enjoyed that much more...

Here's a demo;

Here's the scheme:

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lovepimple Woody : Lovepedal Woodrow

A one knob super amp tone generating machine? Cranked 5E3 Tweed? Just a simple Electra Distortion if ya ask me ;-) And I know you didn't.....

A big thanks to LovePedalDetective at the freestompboxes forum for this one.

Demo video: