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Friday, 15 January 2016

DEADplate - "five to nine" - Practise and recording amp

If you're looking for a five to nine watt practise and recording amplifier - build this, it sounds great and only uses two valves! It's got a special mosfet based phase splitter design which I've not seen anywhere before - so I'm claiming my design is unique :-)

Build it and leave your comments below.


  1. Are them bass and mid locations switched on the tone stack?

    1. That appears to be the case. Still, a very cool design. Thanks for posting! Love your blog.

    2. That appears to be the case. Still, a very cool design. Thanks for posting! Love your blog.

  2. awesome have you back and this site alive!

    your big fans

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  4. Great to see a new post here, hopefully Briggs is back!!!!
    One of my favorite sites ever. :-)

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  6. Why does the effects loop bypass the tone stack?

  7. hi ! I came to your site, searching ideas about my single ended amp project, At this point, my 6L6/ 6V6 power stage gave me too much harshness. So, why not make a pause and try your design with 6SN7 PP ? I was curious about the LND150 LTP, I test build your amp, and wow ! this LND PI is fantastic ! Same gain as a 12AX7 one (about 19 - 20 voltage gain) and nice tone too, as the preamp. The whole thing is a great crunch beast, congratulations !

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