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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fred Briggs - Dual Band Vibrato

Here is a new design from myself. As far as I know it's a concept that hasn't been explored before (Although the Catalinbread Harmonic Mesmeriser uses a similar technique with an LFO running with opposite phase outputs to drive dual tremolo/vibrato circuits). Essentially the signal is split into two parallel paths - one path for treble and one path for bass. Using the dual LFO setup you can set your own depth and speed for each frequency band, this makes for some really strange effects with pseudo phase shifting occurring due to the cross over in frequency bands and the resultant signal cancellations. Some settings give a clear vibrato, others sound almost "uni-viby". I like setting the bass to a slower vibrato with the treble set quite quickly, it gives a really ethereal quality to your tone. Add in a bit of delay and you're into real psychedelia!

This project is currently not finished, although it does sound damn good so far, I'm still exploring all the possibilities that this concept holds. There is a thread over at freestompboxes.org detailing it's continuing progress: http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=15956

Once I've got this circuit finished I'm thinking about building a few up and sending them around as demo boxes. Yep, I like this circuit that much!


  1. hey fred, any chance of a vero layout?
    guessing i better hit the thread at fsb...lol
    thanks, looks like a cool circuit!!

  2. I am very interested in this circuit. It sounds wonderful.
    How is it coming along?
    If someone can make a vero, I'll build asap.

    Thanks for your work. What a great idea!


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