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Monday, 16 January 2012

Lovepedal - Amp Eleven

The Lovepedal Amp Eleven, a relatively new offering from Sean over at his Lovepedal Boutique. He's got a description up on his website:

"With the AMP ELEVEN™, Lovepedal guru Sean Michael has really nailed the fat, organic tone of an overdriven tube amp – with separate controls for bass and tone. Then, he couples the overdrive with an additional boost circuit. Kick the boost footswitch and you can instantly pivot from gritty rhythm riffs to screaming leads…or anything in between.

You're probably already familiar with stompboxes that offer overdrive and boost. But when Sean brings them together in the AMP ELEVEN™, you get the perfect "shot-and-a-beer" combination: a no-nonsense classic that's ideal for just about any setting – from the coffeehouse to the concert stage."

ProGuitarShop have (as usual) made a pretty nice demo video of the Amp Eleven in action:

Well the Amp Eleven (and OD Eleven) have caused quite a bit of controversy in the Boutique world due to the fact that Lovepedal appears to have ripped off the design of PaulC's popular Timmy pedal (not the first time the Timmy has been ripped off - the Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive MKI was also a Timmy clone)  for the overdrive section of the Amp Eleven. Here's the schematic produced by WhiteKeyHole over at freestompboxes.org:

Now, the boost section of the Amp Eleven is just the Lovepedal COT50. Nothing special there then, but together the two sound nice, really nice. I just hope Sean gives PaulC the credit he deserves...

Here's a picture of the board provided to freestompboxes by flaheu:

Here's the freestompboxes forum topic: http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=12246


  1. just did this and its very good,versatile,can do anything from clean boost to TS style to heavier distortion,i wired the cot50 part separately so i can use it alone.
    Possible mods: 1M pot on gain,10/20K pot on tone for the od11 part.

    1. Hi, can yo tell me how do that, wired the cot50 part separately? thanks!


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