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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lovepedal - Delux 60 Mosfet

These things are RARE. It's a Lovepedal Delux 60 Mosfet - they were also sold in a dual format known as the "Twin 60". Greg from the Freestompboxes.org forum bought one and opened it up - here's what he found:

He drew up a quick schematic too and kindly gave me permission to use it (Cheers Greg!):

Don't even ask me what that 47k resistor is doing in parallel to the 100k volume control - I know, it makes no sense. I'll quote Greg on this one:

"An observation. I think Sean has tried to set the .1uF - 47K High Pass filter on the output of the Mosfet so that it keeps guitar frequencies intact. Theoretically it would be 34Hz. But, considering the Volume pot is in parallel with the 47K the filter is actually set higher than he probably intended."

Maybe he did mean it? He also goes on to make the point that if you connected the Karl fuzz directly after this the high pass filter would jump to 370Hz (Due to the 5k pot on the Karl's input..). Hmmm, probably not great!


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