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Friday, 7 March 2008

Son of a Clay Jones Overdrive

Well, after the uncovering of the CJOD as nothing more than a Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive/Tubescreamer 808 I wanted to try the circuit out, so out popped the breadboard. I built it up, OK sound - too many parts though. So I rustled up this for you guys, it's a cross between a Clay Jones Overdrive and Jack Orman's "Son of a Screamer" circuit.

As you can see the input and output buffers have been removed, this has very little impact on the sound and, if anything, actually makes the unit sound better - nomore dirty transistors ;-) The rest of the circuit is identical to the CJOD.

So, if your looking for a quick fix for that original Clay Jones Overdrive tone - here you go, a unit that has less parts and sounds just as good if not better :-)

Here is the schematic:

Here's a couple of videos of this circuit in action (The pedal was built by DEAJ, great little builds!):


  1. I got all the parts together to build the CJOD but keep balking because I think it could be layed out better.[than the 3 versions circulating]
    I'm thinking I better lash together your elegantly Spartan & more "essentials" type stealth versh tonight instead.
    Thanks for the cornecopia of contributions.
    This is a rich motherload I tap from.

  2. wich are the parts the i have to remove in order to get rid of the buffer i got ggg overdrive ? it will change the wire layout?
    tahnx a lot

  3. You would remove the first transistor and use the cap coming off of it's collector as the new input. Increase the input the Vr resistor up to 510k and also remove the transistor at the end of the circuit and take the output from a 10uF cap straight from the output of the second opamp stage (Stick on the 100k volume control here too). It's easier to build the SOCJOD on perfboard than it is to modify an existing layout. Have you ever had a go with veroboard or perf?


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