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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

HAO - Rust Driver

This thing is said to emulate a 69 Marshall Plexi 50W on 10... Hmmm, OK - Here's the scheme :

It looks like this one was drawn by the great matsumin, one of the legendary Japanese DIY bloggers! Check it out, it's a fairly simple build!

Here is the original PDF Manual: Link!

Here's a decent demo of Hao Rust Driver in action:

Once again. A big Thanks to the Freestompboxes guys for getting this info together and to the people who created it in the first place!

Expect more schemes soon - or just join freestompboxes for a sneak peak!


  1. Wow, thanks, I'm going to try this one. But what I miss in the schematic is the 3-position equaliser switch (Normal, bright, warm) Anyone knows how this looks?
    thanks eljee

  2. insert 3 different caps in parallel with the diodes and switch them:
    try 22,47 or 10 nf

  3. What does the 4 Pin in the Lower Corner mean?

    Really nice thing :D

  4. The bit that says 4 Pin is a reference to the 4th pin of the IC going to earth.
    BTW: This is a very similar design to the Op amp Muff fuzz schematic on fuzz central.

  5. I did a PCB print layout based on this schematic if there are someone interested... it's posted here:


    Thank you for providing the schematic

  6. "insert 3 different caps in parallel with the diodes and switch them:try 22,47 or 10 nf"

    Did you mean 2,2 4,7 or 1 nF? (0,001uF; 0,0022uF; 0,0047uF)


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