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Sunday, 22 January 2012

D*A*M - Meathead

The D*A*M Meathead has been used by many top guitarists - Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age is one. Taking that into account you can imagine what this thing sounds like - it's a massive fuzz tone! Here's a description from the D*A*M website:

"The Meathead. Often imitated, never surpassed. Little box, big idea. Caveman style fuzz tones for killing dinosaurs. Crank it up and hit that switch. Ka-pow! The flavour is thick and raw with a throaty woody bark. Optimum clarity and saturation are delivered with a long syrupy sustain at mountainous volumes. The bass to treble response is perfectly balanced for a heavy but dynamic fuzz tone that will project as well as it can saturate. A most excellently low background noise is achieved through careful transistor selection and biasing which further enforces the Meathead's fluid and articulate sonic capabilities."

And a demo video of the D*A*M Meathead in action:

Here's a schematic drawn by Analogguru:

As you can see it's the standard Fuzz Face setup with a few nice tweaks to smooth things out (those caps from the transistor collectors to base). Transistor selection makes a huge difference here, try different types for new tones.

And a veroboard layout by Mike:

And another great vero at IVIark's great site: http://tagboardeffects.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/dam-meathead.html

And here's the de'luxe model "M-25":

And here's a vero layout from beedotman:

As you can see this version adds in a trim pit to allow the perfect bias to be dialled in and also a "filter" control which is a basically an input blend control which allows you to adjust the low end response of the circuit. The "attack" control is the standard fuzz face "fuzz" control and adjusts the overall gain of the circuit..

Here's the freestompboxes forum topic for reference: http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2713


  1. This is a great fuzzer. I added a fuzz control to clean her up a tad but not in the usual spot. I removed the 100k feedback resistor between the base of Q1 and the emitter of Q2 and installed a 100k linear pot.

    Lugs 1 and 3 connect where the original 100k was and lug 2 gets the bypass cap to ground. Saw it in one of Tim Escobedo's old fuzz articles for controlling gain.

    Made a cool fuzz into an Ultra cool Fuzz! Great site BTW :)

  2. Hey! Anybody tried the livesly Meathead? What is the note decay/sustain like? Some one knob fuzzes seem to suffer with this.

  3. Hi there! I've just made my first attempt in building this but it sound sputtering, light years away from the huge sustain of the original, here's a sample I made: http://picosong.com/fYkR (guitar straight into the soundcard). Strange things:
    - when I'm not playing the guy makes no noise at all EVEN with NO ground connections plugged
    - it seems like having a "gate": it's so responsive to dynamics it won't act below a certain threshold.
    Could someone help me finding the hint?

    1. More than 2 years later....but still!

      I had the same issue. But it's due to the layout. Some people have forgotten about the 47uf/100uf from 9v to ground. Do this, and you're pedal might be working like you want! Lots of sustain!

      Without getting to technical. With this circuit. Q1 has almost no voltage (0.5v ish) and Q2 is almost exploding (8-9v)


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