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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wampler - Triple Wreck

Here is a project for the Wampler Pedals "Triple Wreck" super high gain distortion pedal. The Wampler Pedals site provides this description:

"This pedal is probably one of the tightest, thickest highest gain distortions you have ever heard... Many people have told us that it sounds more like a 5150 amp to them than a distortion pedal, that may very well be - All we know is that Brian designed it to just to be an ass kicking distortion pedal, heavier than everything else, meaner than everything else, and it is.

With a solid three band EQ (total control allowing you to scoop out those mids without it peeking out the lows and highs like so many other pedals) you can emulate some of your favorite high gain tones, but as this pedal is so versatile, you can easily find a distinctive tone all of your own. There is no much control over the tone your distinctive sound is waiting for you. Believe it or not, even when the gain is backed off, this pedal is still useable, still sounds great.

There are two distinct voices in this pedal, Vintage and Modern. The vintage gives you that warmer thump high gain where as the modern allows a little more sparkle to creep in, giving it that more recent, full audio spectrum feel."
For a demo video check this out, it really is high gain!

What a monster! Well, there is a project available provided by the freestompboxes.org forum, here's the schematic:

And a great vero layout (Harald Sabro of www.sabrotone.com, visit his site and check out his other vero layouts, there are some really good ones there!):

Here is a PCB layout by R-Customs: http://www.mediafire.com/?wu44zangr04mrw1

Here is a picture of R-Customs' completed build:

How good is that? Anyway here's the freestompboxes discussion thread: http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10737


  1. did u try it?does it work?

  2. No Cream/Crunch pot?

  3. I just finished making this, I dont know why but not giving enough gain, Crunch section PCB is available online. you can try that...

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  8. Hello Fred! I modified schematic to make it simpler without changing sound character. Now it only uses 4 opamp stages (instead of 6) and 1 transistor buffer. The sound and frequency response is the same, which is verified by simulation and by ear (build it and it is working). Heres the schematic:



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