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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hemmo/Tim Escobedo - Bazz Fuss

Here's a DIY Classic, tweak the diodes, tweak the input and output caps, tweak everything. It's a super simple build and it creates some great tones.

Here's another version from Homewrecker.com:

with an interesting diode comparison chart:

measured voltage
1N34A.220vdecent, but output is too low
1N914.570vstock version, great fuzz
1N34A, 1N914.780va bit more defined, a bit louder
(2) 1N34A, 1N9141.0valmost a hybrid fuzz/distortion
orange LED1.8va hybrid distortion/overdrive

If you're going to build one visit here first for loads of decent info: http://home-wrecker.com/bazz.html


  1. thank you for this blog , i spent hours here today . you should be very proud , i would buy you beer and make pizza if we were buddies ! you could even try my crappy mini amps ...

  2. Hi, I really like the blog too! Also wanted to mention the diode comparison chart is a little hard to read. but keep up the cool info!

  3. Cheers, Beers and pizza is always welcome. I'll try change the colours in the chart to make it easier to read...

  4. BAZZ FUSS VERO (Tim Escobedo schematic):

  5. Can you put a gain control in the home-wrecker version?


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