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Monday, 23 January 2012

Nicholas Boscorelli - The Stompbox Cookbook


There are a couple of links to sites where you can download the pdf of Nicholas Boscorelli's "The Stompbox Cookbook". Just a year or so ago this book was selling for hundreds second hand and it's out of print so no one could access all the info inside without shelling out the $$$. Now thanks to a few generous people it's free for everyone to see. There are some interesting projects in there, nothing too revolutionary but it certainly worth a read. The section on envelope detection and control is quite interesting and it's got really in depth descriptions of most aspects of common stompbox circuits - perfect for a beginner or someone more advanced.


  1. Related BOOK on Electric Guitar Wiring:

  2. Thanks a Lot!!!

  3. As a proud owner of an original copy who had no intention of selling it, I'm not sure what to say,

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  5. Hi! Could you upload the book again? The links are dead... THanks!


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