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Monday, 16 January 2012

Lovepedal - Super 6

I've had quite a few email's requesting information on this old Lovepedal design that's supposed to emulate that classic "Fender on 6" tone. Well, I've got a schematic for you. First here's the description from the Lovepedal website:

"Reminiscent of the mid 60's Blackface Fender era. Specifically a Blackface Super on 6.

Plug the Super 6 in to a ANY clean amp to nail that mid-60's American amp tone. This unit will turn a small amp into a much larger sounding amp instantly.

With an onboard vintage tone stack to die for, you now have ULTIMATE control over ANY guitar / amp / effects combination.."

And a demo video:

The schematic was originally drawn up by reveriesof on the freestompboxes forum, I've redrawn it for you for ease of understanding:

[NOTE - the input cap should be 100nF, the output cap should be 10nF, this is also true for the 100n cap that bypasses the tone control - it should also be 10n]

With a note to the corrections - I like the pedal with a few little alterations; instead of the 510R resistor I like a 390R which gives you a little extra gain, I like a lower value input cap (22n instead of 100n) and a larger value output cap [the cap that comes before the tonestack right off the 3k3 resistor] (100n instead of 10n). It's a really simple circuit which is great for modifying - get some different value caps and go wild - you'll find something you like.

As you can see it's a deviation from the standard Lovepedal formula of "modified Electra/LPB booster". That BS170 is a mosfet device and they have nice clipping characteristics of their own without requiring any clipping diodes. The "vintage tonestack" is just low pass/mid boost cut type control.

Here's a great little PCB layout(Showing full of board wiring as well) produced by Sinner on the Freestompboxes forum - Cheers Sinner!

Here's the original freestompboxes forum thread for your viewing:


  1. This schematic is correct here?
    C4 and C5 100nf
    C4 and C5 10nf


    1. Can you please explain what are the cap 4 and 5?am new this subject.

  2. Any layout on the Stevie mod they did on it?

  3. Any layout on the Stevie mod they did on it?

  4. Can someone explain which caps are 4 and 5

  5. Any idea about the Stevie Mod?


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