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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Himmelstrutz - Fetto Overdrive / Distortion

Yep, here is another one - the Himmelstrutz Fetto. Well know for it's amplike response and great tones, it's been a while coming. Thanks *again* to fsb.org (lawnchair and soulsonic in particular) it's insides are available to view.

Firstly a description from the Himmelstrutz guys:

"Jump on FETTO Standard when your guitar and amp can't ride the lightning on reasonable levels, when you need anything between clean to really distorted sounds—to convince your audience, band and girlfriend(s) that the sound isn't the reason why your music is boring.
Perfect string separation, all the way from smooth overdrive to heavy distortion. Never lose the character of your instrument or amplifier. Designed to match the volume control on your guitar perfectly. Most pedals sounds just like a pedal. Not the case with the FETTOs which sound like an extension of your amplifier. Have you heard this before? Well, this time it's true."

Heh, I like that description. Here's a demo video of the Himmelstrutz Fetto:

Here's a schematic drawn by Soulsonic:

As the schematic shows it's a jfet emulation of a tube preamp design (http://runoffgroove.com), as the jfets are unknown you'll have to experiment. Start with 2N5257 I think, keep trying different types (with the right pinout) until you find some that bias up nicely. All of the jumper switches can be included on the outside of the pedal if you want, it's make for a super adjustable overdrive!

Harald Sabro has produced a great vero layout (http://www.sabrotone.com):

For more info and reference visit the freestompboxes forum topic here: http://www.freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=7353

1 comment:

  1. In the schematic the switch 1b is not well drawn, and the od won't work this way.


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