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Sunday, 10 May 2009

BJF - Dyna Red Distortion :-)

[Note] This post also contains the Bearfoot FX Dyna Red Distortion [Note]

Everyone loves the Dyna Red - A great sounding overdrive/distortion circuit from Born of BJFe. A great, dynamic response with a smooth top end ar features of this great unit. Here's a demo video;

Check out the schematic here;

This schematic was reversed from a dyna red which had been modified by Bjorn himself to produce more character in the lower mids, Soulsonic found that by replacing the 0.47uF cap on the feedback loop with a 0.1uF cap that the original sound was restored.

Integrating the bass control of Paul C's Timmy circuit could work wonders, go on, give it a try!

Here's a perf/pcb layout for you;

Many thanks to all involved over at freestompboxes.org :-)

And now the Bearfoot Dyna Red Distortion, here's the scheme;

For more great info on Bjorn's stuff get over to the BJFe forum (http://www.bjfe.org) and ask some questions, Bjorn always puts an interesting answer down for you :) Get involved with the HoneyBee Project too!


  1. Monsieur Briggs, I think you meant .47n, not .47u and .1n not .1u for the feedback loop cap in the BJF schematic; ie 470p vs 100p.

    Love your site and visit it frequently, a tremendous resource with great circuit insights from which I've learned a lot. Many thanks!


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