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Sunday, 1 March 2009

How did you make that Reverb?

In my previous post HERE I showed how I'd turned a Behringer RM600 Reverb Machine from useless to great. After multiple requests; here is the schematic that I used for my switching and mixing sections:

As you can see I used a Super Hard On for the PreGain circuit and to buffer up the front of my mixer, three other opamp buffers are then used to isolate various parts of the signal chain with the final op amp being used to provide a stable 1/2 V bias point. Series low pass filters on the output of the reverb line help to greatly soften any noise produced by the reverb circuit (Which is running 100% wet). By running the preGain control high and using the two mix controls effectively there is basically no increase in noise while using the circuit at all (A great improvement). I'm very happy using this circuit for other projects as well, I'll be using it on a Behringer EM600 Echo Machine in the future. Have fun using this while rehousing all those bargain pedals into super cool (USEABLE!) effects :-)


  1. Could you post a higher resolution image for the circuit?


  2. here it is: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_y4AYtND8Hz8/SarbaMu5qBI/AAAAAAAAAVQ/I3A6H2tlco4/mixer.jpg

    the url to the thumb is http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_y4AYtND8Hz8/SarbaMu5qBI/AAAAAAAAAVQ/I3A6H2tlco4/s320/mixer.jpg, so you just remove the s320 part (which is size 320)

    try to find the solution before asking. it helps you get smarter. helped me...

  3. Parts list? Tutorial? Thanks!!

  4. I don't have the time to put a full tutorial together. It's a fairly complex build..

  5. hi. i know this is from a year ago, but i'd like one. is it possible you could do this mod to my rv600 and possibly my em600 as well? this could also help you post the much requested tutorial.
    estimates? ballpark? any reply will be much apreciated. btw it is an amazing work.

  6. Interesting... indeed...
    Did you try to rehouse the EM600 too?
    I have one which really have to get into some kind of true bypass loop or some rehousing like your design.
    I have had it in a FX loop in my amp for a while but I now realize that it is responsible for my sudden lack of tone... My amp got so much more puch without it in the loop.
    Too bad since it's a great delay pedal with REVERSE!
    Well... nice blogg anyway!

  7. The EM600 did get rehoused, used the same circuit as is in this post and got the same results :-D

  8. Hi Fred, your post is really inspiring!!! I ve gone and got an RV600 with the intention to rehouse it. I ve taken off the housing but i ve got one question - there are 2 wires - one red and the other black coming off the main board - they dissapear into the top section of the housing (the "pedal" part of the box). This part of the box seems inaccesible without damaging the box? What do these two wires do? Is there another component or board in this part of the pedal that needs to be removed as well? or can i just cut them? They link to the main board at X7 (black) X8 (red) -( X7 and x8 are the screen printed markings on the circuit board). Any help or advice would be much appreciated

  9. oops it was the battery connector... forgot these pedals cold be battery operated!!

  10. Wait I don't understand how by any mean that this can be true bypassed with the trails still running.

  11. In order to true bypass the unit, there's no way the mixed signal can reach the output jack without wiring it directly to the out lug, which I guess in theory could maybe work... I just feel like that's not how it runs in the schematic.

  12. Would this not work as well if the pedal just has an effect level knob and cant go 100% wet? Because you'd be turning up the dry signal with your "wet" knob?

  13. I had the exact same idea as you Fred, and while searching the internet for the RV 600 schematic I found your mod! Awseome job! And it saves me some work.. :-) Thanks a lot!


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