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Monday, 9 January 2012

Zvex - Box of Metal

Here is another one I get quite a few emails for - http://www.madbeanpedals.com/projects/Kokbox/docs/Kokbox_ver.3.5.pdf
(Note the project does not include the "Gate" section as it was deemed unnecessary.)

It's another brilliant ex-madbean project. Don't forget to check out his wares at http://www.madbeanpedals.com .

Here's a basic schematic for reference:

Guess what - yep, more cascaded Super Hard On gain stages :-)

And a vero layout for you:

And another brilliant PCB layout (From Dimebugg and MysticWhiskey):

Heres a demo:

Here's the freestompboxes.org forum topic: http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3911, as you can see CultureJam and Bajaman take a lot of the credit here :-)


  1. The gate deemed useless? The gate is what separates this pedal from the others.
    Darn, ... that was close!

  2. I know, I wanted to see the gate section too but the pedal was moved on :-(

  3. Base on veroboard layout, Would you tell me what is the part under Capacitor number 7???/

  4. upsss..I believe its a trimpot, ok case close

  5. Thank you for the layout, nice sound on the video,i tried it but i have some questions, if anyone can help :)

    I did the veroboard leayout, but i have a lot of noise when not playing is it how it's supposed to be without the gate or i need to do some debug, and another thing it miss a capicitor after the R 1Kohm is that ok, it was on the schematics i found. (sometimes the R1M between gnd and In is removed too, what's use does it have ?)

    And another question for the capacitor of the of the treeble, sometimes i find 2nF sometimes 180pf can i use anything between those values (like 1000pf ?)

  6. I put a "B Version" vero layout with a working gate circuit over at freestompboxes.


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