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Friday, 7 March 2008

Clay jones OD = Grandlaff Dynamic Overdrive! Schematics Gallore!

It's finally over - the myth is silenced. The Clay Jones Overdrive is nothing but a clone of the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, which is a clone of them age old Tubescreamer 808. Anyone want to take my CJOD off my hands for $1500? Here's the pics to confirm the facts and also the Clay Jones Overdrive schematic to play with ;-)

Here is the degooping of a Black Market Overdrive, which is a clone of a clone of a clone... Whammy from the Freestompboxes forum bought one, and decided it was time to open it up - Whammy, your a legend! Thanks for putting the boys to bed :-)

And now, the pictures everyone wanted to see (and equally as many didn't!):

Gooped, mojo inside?

Out comes the circuit...

Off comes all that nasty goop. Here you can see that the pedal is clearly a TS with 5mm Red LED clippers and an OPA2134 opamp.

PCB reverse. Anyone still convinced it's not a TS808?

And here is what you've all been waiting for - the Clay Jones Overdrive/BMOD schematic!

Yes, it's a replica of the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, which is a replica TS808 - Scheme drawn by Clay himself! Just use 5mm Red Led's for the clippers and an OPA2134 Burr Brown opamp and your there - $1500 worth of tone at your feet. Here is a full scheme drawn up by Soulsonic;

I can finally sleep, everyone can see how silly this has got. The ghost is silent, the skeleton is in the cupboard.

A special thanks must once again goto the Freestompboxes Forum members.

For more info on this subject check out my good friend Martin's blog post at The Illuminist.

EDIT: It seems as expected there are still people going around trying to denie that any of this is real/makes sense/the BMOD is nothing like the CJOD. Can we all stop being silly? Here is a picture posted up by MoreCowbell on the Freestompboxes forum, it's the proof you need to see...

The History of the CJOD/BMOD Degooping...

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