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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Landgraff - Dynamic Overdrive

I didn't realise that I hadn't posted this before. Anyhow, the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive, is, wait for it, a Tubescreamer with a 2 position toggle switch to change the clipping diode type from simple silicon diodes to red LEDs. hmmmmmmm, it's all very familiar...

It's got a great tone;

Check out the schematic below... (See who it's drawn by ;-) ooooooooooohohhhhhhhwwwww) for fun compare the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive and the Clay Jones Overdrive....


  1. Bwahaha! Bloody brilliant! Keep it coming, guys. I can only imagine what some of the snobs on TGP must be thinking over the past few months.

  2. Hi mr Briggs
    I have a question for you if you dont mind. Iv built the landgraff using the vero layout above.
    It works fine except for one thing. The tone kontroll dosent work, it seems like it is none existing.
    If you turn it down it seems like the entire circuit gets throug and then turning it clockwise nothing happens until you reach max all sound vanish. I then changed to a new pot and cecked my wiring. But still the same phenomen but now when turned down it dosent let everything throug but nohting happens untill max and all sound disappeares. What do you think? It is the cond, in the hipass or lowpass fliter that is broken ? Or what
    Ok thanks again


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