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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Klon - Buffer

People like the Klon, they like anything to do with the Klon. People have been building up the Buffer section of the Klon and selling them as a standalone unit. Well, there's the schematic of the buffer section and here's a vero layout from Mcaviel:

Now many people ask me why use a buffer? What does it do? The short answer is that if you use 1) Long cables or 2) Lots and lots of true bypass fx or 3) Low input impedance FX (Fuzzes, Wahs) then you are probably experience "Tone suck" - a loss of high end "sparkle" with your tone. A Buffer can be used to counteract this when used in the correct position. For an excellent article covering buffers and their use check out this: http://screaminfx.com/tech/why-and-when-to-use-a-guitar-buffer-pedal.htm


  1. Can I add another a second output for a tuner that I can switch in and out as needed?

    1. Yes: Add at point C3/R4 as many R5 (560Ohm) output resistors as you need.

  2. What kind are the capacitors? ceramic electrolytic, foil?


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