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You may also find a few effects builds that I am looking to move on - usually in exchange for other effects/gear/cash. You can always check my ebay account to see what I've got up for grabs.

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Friday, 24 February 2012

WIP - Projects in the pipe line!

Ok, so I've got a few projects in the pipeline. First up is a continuation of my work with boosters - I've already published the "'64 Vintage" (a Vox voiced boost/overdrive), I've got the "E11even" (A Marshall voiced booster/overdrive) and the "'Face" (A Fender voiced booster/Overdrive) to release soon. I really like these three designs and I've been building them in conjunction with each other to ensure that they stack really nicely. When you've got all three you can interchange their positions and settings for all sorts of great overdrive tones :-)

Also on the bench is my version of the much acclaimed Fulltone OCD, which is probably one of the most popular boutique pedals ever. The Briggs version is super versatile with diode switching options, a saturation control, bass and treble controls, a boost control and an option to switch between 9V and 18V, all the old OCD tones are there but the options to go crazy and craft your own sound are huge. I'll be putting this one up in the next few days!

So that's what's coming up - is there anything else you lot would like to see? Any custom designs or interesting concepts? I'm open to suggestions!


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