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Monday, 9 January 2012

Zvex - Box of Rock

Here is one that I get emailed about quite a bit - full project for download here; http://www.mediafire.com/?r136bveqr9mdjy2 [NOTE on the schematic C7 is listed as 100n, it actually needs to be 10n]

It's an ex-madbean project - go visit his f**king brilliant site here for loads of DIY goodness; http://www.madbeanpedals.com

Here is a schematic for reference:

You'll notice it's his "signature" Super Hard On circuit (Which is a great building block!) cascaded into one another. The tone control is a derivative of the classic Big Muff setup (But the actual values are nicked from the well known DIY project the "Brown Sound in a Box II" (BSIAB for short). Interesting really.

Here's your demo video:


  1. This mediafire link is to a pdf for a krankosaurus. Is there one for the Zvex?

  2. The Krankosaurus is a Box of Rock, it's just what madbean decided to call the project.

  3. Oh, thanks for letting me know

  4. i used the above schematic, plotted in eagle in a late-night daze, to produce my BOR pcbs. didn't even question the series-resistors. doh! never mind, just means there are four extra resistors on my boards and my face is slightly redder than normal :)

  5. how to wire the footswitch ??
    please ...

  6. What software did you use to draw the schematic?


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