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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bearfoot / BJF - Baby Pink Booster

I like collecting BJFe designs, I like their simplicity and the fact that they sound really good. Here's one of Bjorn's latest offerings - the Baby Pink Booster.

Here's the description from the Bearfoot FX website;

"+15 dbs of clean guitar friendly boost and a tasty buffer ... Deluxify your drives ! If you've seen the very expensive BJFe Honey Bee and Baby Blue and Emerald Green 'Deluxes' .... this is whats in there besides the drive circuit ---- the BPB is the buffer and the boost for those ---- so put the BPB at the end of your dirt section and 'Deluxe' them all. 8-18v for more headroom and clarity if needed"

Gutshot of the Bearfoot Baby Pink Booster
And, as usual, a YouTube clip of the offending pedal "in action" alongside some late 80s haircuts;

And here's the schematic provided by mmolteratx;

There you go, a simple jfet setup that runs at unity gain without the boost pot wiper connected to ground and boosts when the effect is engaged. For most fun - run this thing from 18 volts for extra gain and fun. You'll need to select the jfet as to get it biased correctly, go for one that gives you around 4.5v on the drain (or just one you like the sound of).

For more info and a few vero layouts check out this thread at freestompboxes.org; http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=22020


  1. Where is the Super-Hulk-Cap in the picture shown in the schematic? And what's it's purpose?

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