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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Most Wanted Stompboxes?

You guys are what makes Revolution Deux a worthwhile project. What I want to know is which pedals you all want to see on the site? I'll then do my homework and see if I can cobble together the info that I need to create a few projects for the "most wanted" stompboxes

To vote for the pedals you'd like to see projects for just leave a comment down below with the pedal name and manufacturer.

Happy bounty hunting!


  1. Any of the new lovepedals! Or any of the BJF pedals!

  2. I'd like to see an MXR Carbon Copy converted to use non SMD parts.

  3. i think bjf gets ALOT of respect and his pedals are basically considered off limits, with the exception of one (FOLK FUZZ). i personally have the desire only to see MENATONE pedals. i love the "amp in a box" pedals

  4. The Vox Satchurator. I haven't found any schematics yet, but it's been out on the market for a while now...

    Also, I guess it'd be nice to see something that sounds like a vintage Marshall that ISN'T turned up to 10... something a little cleaner, like Angus Young on the Stiff Upper Lip album.

  5. Regarding the Vox Satchurator - Nothing confirmed yet but it looks like we have a Tubescreamer/DS-1 combined circuit. Expect more news on this one soon.

    I think I can get my hands on some Menatone stuff, I'll see what I can do. I'll keep updating any new Lovepedal stuff I find too - they are cool little designs (Mostly seen before, but still interesting little tweaks).

  6. the Lovepedal Death of a Vox wud be good!...

  7. durham sex drive and mucho boosto would be great.

    how about an okko diablo too?

    or pete cornish pedals! :)

  8. More pedals coming soon ;-)

    Keep posting your requests!

  9. how about a Analogman Beano Booster ?

  10. TONECZAR effects would be wonderful.

    so would the guts of an RMC picture Wah.

  11. Plz! The Lovepedal Super6!
    I asked you months ago! I'm begging you =~~

  12. Please!
    I want "lovepedal super6" pedal!

  13. Durham Electronics Sex Drive

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  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. the umble the version that was reworked and has two footswitches


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