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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

10 Son of a Clay Jones Overdrives in the pipeline.

Hi there,
I've had so many requests to build up the "Son of a Clay Jones Overdrive" (Which I will refer to as the SOCJOD from now on) pedal for you guys I've decided to produce a small run of them, 9 units to be exact. 

Basically the SOCJOD is a Tubescreamer-808 Overdrive circuit built to Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive/Clay Jones Overdrive specs but without the input and output buffers, for more info on the exact circuit structure see here

The sound they produce is identical to that of the original Landgraff/Clay Jones pedals but they come in a much nicer enclosure (See the image below!) and for a tenth of the price! Of course you can imagine it's all the lovely usual true bypass/geek tech/boutique techniques and quality parts to boot! Great for blues, rock and (If you push it with a booster) even heavier territory. For further ideas about sounds and gear compatibility check out youtube for videos of the Landgraff Dynamic Overdrive and the Clay Jones Overdrive.

OK, how much? Simple: £80 + Shipping*, a decent price that makes it worthwhile for me and an affordable price for yourselves. You're getting a good exchange rate at the moment too, check it out with http://www.xe.com/ucc/ Just look at it, our poor old pound is struggling more than ever :-(

To get your name on the list for one please just drop me an email and I'll get back to you with confirmation whether you are on the list or not. I'm only going to build up 9 because I already have the enclosures painted and my time resources do not allow me to produce a larger run. Expected completion date for the pedals is around 3-4 weeks from now! For anymore info, again, just drop me an email, you can find my address above ;-)

*Insured airmail to the US is £14 so the total cost of the shipped pedal would be £94
  Insured first class within the UK is £5, total cost shipped £85
  Insured airmail within Europe is £10, total cost shipped £90

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  1. No more requests to be on the list please - it's full :-)


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