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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fred Briggs - Psychedelia Fuzz / Overdrive

So, here is the first pedal to be housed in those new enclosures I've had built. It's a one off custom design by myself - a Fuzz hybrid that is capable of any tones ranging from a simple boost right up to full on octave/ring mod Fuzz meltdown. All hand built point to point on vero board, it's one of my best builds ever - solid as a tank and neat as you like...

Hopefully I'll get some sound samples up a.s.a.p when I get someone with recording equipment down...

[EDIT] - Here's some terrible quick demos of the Psychedelia in action, they by no means illustrait all of the tones you can get from this thing but it gives you a good idea. I recorded them with a guitar that only had 5 strings at the time and a "no name" crappy mike - but don't let that fool you - the reason they sound so shoddy is my broken fingers playing ;-) : http://soundcloud.com/fred-briggs/sets/fred-briggs-psychedelia-fuzz


  1. Wanted to let you know that this thing sounds fantastic! great work

  2. Cheers, hopefully there will be some better demos up soonish. It's off on a tourbox around North America soon!

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