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Friday, 2 March 2012

Vintage Boosters Finished :-)

So, I finished building the prototype "Vintage Boosters" I designed - The "Face" (Fender inspired), "E11even" (Marshall inspired) and the "'64 Vintage" (Vox inspired). I designed them as three separate units that could be used individually to create tones which have a definite character of the amp they take inspiration from but I also paid a huge amount of attention to how they all sounded when stacked (every overdrive nut's favourite pastime). When you start stacking the three together the range of tones is simply unreal, there's all sorts from cleanish boosts through overdrive and distortion to full on Led Zeppelin feedback fuzz meltdown. This is probably my favourite collection of projects I've ever put together and I wholeheartedly advise you to build all three now and start experimenting with them!

Here's the images below - if you want more info on each model check out the project pages for each one :-)

First the "'64 Vintage":

Here's the "E11even":

And finally the "Face":


  1. They look fantastic. Will there be demos?

  2. The sound should be beautiful.In Brazil does not make much quality congratulations.

  3. I'll be getting some video demos done this week hopefully. I'll do individual demos for each pedal and a final demo of them all stacked together :-)


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