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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Clay Jones Overdrive

The saga continues. Some say it is a Landgraff clone, others dispute this. Of all the Gut shots and images of the CJOD I've seen they all seem to point towards a Landgraff clone.

As lautmachine of the Freestompboxes forum said: "Can anyone show evidence to suggest that any of the 50 CJOD's were not TS / Landgraff inspired circuits?"

Here is a version that Clay produced early on:

Clearly you can see it is a Tubescremer derived circuit: Input buffer, output buffer, opamp, asymetrical clipping diodes - it's all there.

Now, later CJOD pedals had a differing layout to them. Analogguru, also of the Freestompboxes forum, posted up this tracing of a later model of the CJOD:

This tracing matched up with at least 4 other later production CJOD pedals:
No. B11 for Donner Husk (Donnerbox)
No. B17 for "Smudged" (The name was smudged out in the picture)
and two others of unknown serial numbers.

As you can see for yourself, the later model CJOD layout still conforms with a Landgraff/Tubescreamer clone with two LED's used for clipping. Minus parts values we pretty much have here what it is. Unless someone can prove me wrong!

So, anyone want a CJOD Clone? Contact me, I'll be happy to sort you out ;-) haha.


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