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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Bearfoot FX - Pale Green Compressor

The Bearfoot FX Pale Green compressor - twin brother of the BJFe Pale Green compressor and close cousin of the Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor (Which is one of my favourite compression pedals!). Here's the description from the Bearfoot FX website:

"The BearFoot Pale Green Compressor is an exact replica of the BJFe Pale Green Compressor - the compressor for people who hate compressors !

The PGC really shines in a live situation with a band where the heavier handed compressors, that sound good at home in a room, often sound thick and lifeless against other real instuments....

This is no squish machine or infinite artificial sustainer ... The PGC is already famous for its nearly transparent compression and dead quiet operation. You will want to leave it on all the time... You will also wonder if its on at all ~ until you turn it off to make sure and then turn it back on as quickly as possible.

The middle knob fine tunes the EQ with a stacked pot that adjusts the EQ both pre and post compression. The zero point is at 'noon' ~ to the left it adjusts the EQ to that of the classic Dyna/Ross comps and to the right it allows an increase in treble and sparkle without adding noise or hiss. And with the comp knob off it is a booster/enhancer/EQ. Especially tasty into the Honey Bee and Model H.

Voltage range 8~18v."

And here's a demo video for you;

Well here's some Pale Green guts;

Looking at the guts it becomes clear that the Pale Green Compressor is a simlification of the Mad Professor Forest Green design;

So - the long and short of it? If you want a BJF designed compressor - build yourself a Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor ;-)

Here's the Bearfoot FX Pale Green Compressor freestompboxes.org forum topic; http://freestompboxes.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=16698


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