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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Klown & Clay Jones/OCD/Zendrive Hybrid

Here are a few images of my latest creations.

The larger white box is my latest Klown, modeled on the Klon circuit but modified for a fatter OD sound, with split gain and blend pots, altered clipping arrangement and altered the op-amp type.

The smaller silver box with blue and white paint is a "new" circuit I've come up with. By mixing and matching, in traditional booteek fashion, different sections of popular overdrive circuits. This circuit is a mix between the OCD/Voodoo labs OD the Hermida Zendrive and the Clay Jones OD. Sounds great, super dynamic and with internal sockets for altering the clipping diode type and position the combinations you can come up with are immense!

Email me for more info on either pedal!

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