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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fred Briggs - Rangemaster MKII Build

The second steel enclosure has been used - and here's the outcome. I built a version of the Rangemaster I call the "MKII". It uses a germanium and silicon transistor in a darlington pair to open up a huge amount of options. This has been done before as Pete Moore showed with his "RangePig" treble booster, I just chose to expand on the idea and add a few further modifications and refinements;

- a "Filter" contol to slide between a full range and treble boost, 
- an "Aggression" control to allow you to blend in the mellow germanium tone with the more aggressive silicon sound 
- and a Bias trim pot to allow you to dial in just the right voltages on those transistors to ensure you get the very best tone from them). 

Anything from standard Rangemaster treble boost right on to almost a fuzz faceish boost is available with this circuit. With the inclusion of all the modifications and refinements it becomes a very versatile booster pedal and a worthy addition to your pedal board.

And here's the schematic:


  1. Hi there! Mixing your schematic with the one in fuzz central, making a negativr ground version of the rangeblaster, and I have a question: at which position should the gain pot be while biasing the the transistors output?


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